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  1. Exciting Announcements

    If it seems like it's been quiet here at Mottokrosh Machinations HQ, then that's only because we have been busy cooking up big things. Feast your eyes on: * A revised and expanded edition of Hypertellurians...

  2. Victorious UK Games Expo Machinations

    Last week a team of four went to the annual UK Games Expo in Birmingham to represent Mottokrosh Machinations, and present the barely week old Hypertellurians hardcover to the world. The crew consisted of cover artist Anna...

  3. UK Games Expo 2018 Unwinding

    Last weekend I attended the UK Games Expo in Birmingham, in part to help my friends at Inspiring Games demo their games Legends Untold and Lord of the Horde, and, of course, in part for my very own delectation...

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