If it seems like it's been quiet here at Mottokrosh Machinations HQ, then that's only because we have been busy cooking up big things. Feast your eyes on:

Hypertellurians (M)Anvil Edition

Yes, it's true, a revised version is coming. We're not calling it a new edition, or anything quite as dramatic, because the rules haven't changed. But unlike the original version, which was print-on-demand, this one is done as an offset print run, on gorgeous paper, complete with bookmark ribbon, endpapers with handy references, and a fancy cover with spot gloss varnish.

A sample spread from the revised Hypertellurians edition.
New Beast and Ultranaut by Karen Reding.

What's changed?

  • We added a big and brand new starting adventure, called Marvelous Voyage to the Viridian Moon, where you play crew and/or passengers on an experimental aethercraft on its inaugural mission of exploration. It's full of art and maps, random tables, quirky characters, and laid out with the greatest care for usability and ease of reference at the table.
  • The original edition had a mix of original and stock art. In this version we've replaced even more of the stock art with brand new, original art, and crammed some more in besides.
  • The format of the book has changed from 6"×9" to A5 to bring it in line with our other books. This also means we've redone the layout, again with the greatest care to keep relevant information logically together.
  • We fixed some typos, rephrased a few unclear sentences, and expanded the trauma lists.
  • We have added an extra character sheet, designed by Karl Stjernberg, a.k.a. Skullfungus.

What hasn't changed?

  • The rules, characters, and powers are the same as before. (Actually, we added 2 new major cosm powers, and a new spell. We just can't help ourselves.)
  • It's just as easy to get started fast, and keep engaged over a long period of time.
A sample spread from the revised Hypertellurians edition.
New Revenant by Scapefiend.

When can I get it?

A sample spread from the revised Hypertellurians edition.
New Royals by Katie Wakelin and Karen Reding.

The files are at the printer's, and it is our hope to have the books in time for Virtually Expo towards the end of August. We will then release the hardcovers and the PDFs at the same time.

The PDF has also had some extra love. It is even better hyperlinked for quick navigation, and we have added nested bookmarks.

When the new edition comes out, the print-on-demand version will no longer be available at DriveThruRPG. Instead you will be able to purchase the hardcover version directly on this site. All PDFs and our other POD books will continue to be available at DriveThruRPG.

What if I already own the original version?

First of all, good for you, and our deepest thanks! We wouldn't have been able to invest in this fancy new version if it hadn't been for the support, enthusiasm, and reviews from all of our current customers and fans!

You will receive the PDF of the new version for free (if you don't hear from us about this, it might be that we don't have your permission to email you, in which case please contact us), and the option to buy the new hardcover at a discount, so you can also enjoy the new adventure in all its printed glory.

A sample spread from the revised Hypertellurians edition.
Scene from the new Adventure. Art by Beto Lima.

(M)Anvil Edition?

This edition is named in honor of recurring characters from our canon, the grandiose and demi-god-like barbarian brothers Anvil and Manvil. If you look closely, you can find them in many of our products.

A sample spread from the revised Hypertellurians edition.
New Ultranaut by Katie Wakelin.

Virtually Expo

Like many conventions, gigs, and other events, this year's UK Games Expo had to be canceled, but instead we will have the first Virtually Expo, organized by the same people, and we will be there (virtually).

Ad for Mottokrosh Machinations' stand at Virtually Expo.

Mottokrosh Machinations will have a stall in the virtual trade hall, and on top of our full program, we will be there live on video to chat with you all throughout the convention. Here are some of the things you can expect from us:

  • Chat to us live face-to-face via Virtually Expo's built-in video chat.
  • Write to us via text and emoji in our Discord.
  • Watch daily 1-hour games of Hypertellurians with celebrities from the industry, including writers and artists. Stay tuned for more announcements about this!
  • We will have several slots a day for short, live demos of our games. You can sign up via the expo's events pages.
  • We will have two Q&A sessions. Send us your messages in advance via Discord!
  • All of our books will have a short introduction video on our virtual stall, for an experience as close to leafing through the physical books while a crew member tells you about them that we could make.
  • One of our GMs will run a full 4-hour game of Hypertellurians. Sign up quickly before it sells out.
  • And I wouldn't be surprised if we had some special offers too!

Free RPG Day

Ad for pamphlet adventure Bewilderment and Panic in the Land of Faulty Tors.

Saturday, 25th July is Free RPG Day. That means friendly local gaming stores across the world will give away special quickstarts, adventures, or other promo materials from a variety of publishers.

We didn't manage to get anything done in time to be added to those packs, but we didn't want you to miss out, so we have finished a short but fun generative adventure we playtested recently, and we will be giving the PDF of it away for free.

It's called Bewilderment and Panic in the Land of Faulty Tors, and if you follow us on social media, you might have already seen previews of it. Come back here on July 25th or check our DriveThruRPG page to collect it!

Update: You can now download it from DriveThruRPG.

But wait, there's more


Woaden, a new game we're developing is still moving ahead at a steady pace, and we have had awesome new art in for it, and we have started another collaboration with an artist for it. I can't wait to show some of it, it's going to look amazing, but you'll have to be patient a little longer for that.

Ultracosmic Überbrew

Our games are released under a creative commons license, which means you are free to hack away at them, even reprint the texts in part or whole, as long as you give attribution, but it doesn't cover our art, including our logo.

We wanted to give you a way to show your love for Hypertellurians though, and to do that we will soon introduce a compatibility program called Ultracosmic Überbrew. Participation will mean you get a special logo you can put on your products and they will be listed on a dedicated page here. But more on that soon.

That's it for now, but come back tomorrow (assuming you're reading this on the very day it went live :D) for your free adventure pamphlet! And if you'd like to keep in touch, join our Discord or newsletter.