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  1. Curse of Strahd Game Notebook

    A couple of years ago I got to play the Curse of Strahd campaign with my weekly group, and I enjoyed it immensely. On the rare occasions I get to play instead of run, I usually immediately reach for some sort of online character sheet...

  2. Lost Spells of Thrad the Creepomancer

    "Thrad", by Enmanuel "Lema" Martinez. Now, Thrad wasn't the type of person that would spring to mind when you heard the term "wizard." In fact, he never used that word himself. He wasn't a man of many words...

  3. Sidhe Woods Grove

    This is an altogether different beast. As a hoarder of both physical books, and PDFs, I have come to see the relevant pros and cons of each. Especially with regards to PDFs, sure, they're cheap, don't take up any space...

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