Hulking giant and lithe amazon.
“Thrad”, by Enmanuel “Lema” Martinez.

Now, Thrad wasn’t the type of person that would spring to mind when you heard the term “wizard.” In fact, he never used that word himself. He wasn’t a man of many words, at any rate.

Born into a reclusive, wild tribe, in the depths of the jungle, he was a giant even for his kind. From a young age, he honed his muscles and soon became the strongest of them all. When he came of age, he was voted “most likely to bring about the end of colonization.”

But it was about the same time he decided that wasn’t the life for him. He grunted, pulled up his loincloth, and set out into the wilds, not to be seen again for another 7 years.

During that time, the legends of Thrad the Mighty waned, and new kinds of legend emerged, those of the Thrad the Creepy. You see, somehow, he learned, contracted, or otherwise became possessed of magic. But it was magic of the creepy kind.

Here are some of the very rare spells that have resurfaced since his time.

Rare Tomes of Thrad

Tome of Thrad’s Alarming Articulations

A remarkably supple tome, easy to lay flat, or flip open at any page. It takes up 1 inventory slot. Hold it in both hands, as you read the incantations, and flip the required pages and quarter-pages. When you’re done—it takes about a minute—invest a number of Brawn points of your choosing. These invested points lower your current score and modifier for the duration of the spell, and return immediately when you choose to dismiss it, or when it dismisses automatically at the end of the scene.

For each point invested, your primary manipulation limbs (arms, generally) grow an extra segment, with appropriate joints. Think of it like sticking an extra forearm inbetween the current one and your hand. So, for 2 “locked” Brawn points, you get an extra 2 segments on each arm, so your hands can touch your shoulders, while forming squares.

That’s some creepy stuff right there. What are the applications? Endless! How about reaching into tiny places while gaining extra articulation? Maybe it’s just about the extra length? Extra centrifugal power when swinging them. Carrying weird things. Hugging weird things. Castings alien magics. Brilliant brachiation. You tell me!

Tome of Thrad’s Mammalian Head Transposition

Despite the tome’s title, this spell in fact works on all animals whose head is roughly the same size as yours.

This hirsute book takes up 1 inventory slot, and is pleasingly soft to the touch. Speak its phrases as an action, in the vicinity of an animal of average beastial intelligence that you can see. If the animal can speak, or is otherwise highly intelligent, you need to succeed at an opposed Mind test.

When the spell is successfully cast, your head and that of the animal trade places, giving you full control of the animal’s body. If the body is super weird, or this is your first time, it may take some time to get used to it. The animal’s head, meanwhile, is in charge of your body, so, you know, consider that in advance.

The transposition lasts for a scene by default. You can extend it by an extra 8 hours or so for 1d6 Brawn damage, as often as you like, in theory. But you might not want an animal in charge of your body for too long.

What’s New With Mottokrosh?

It’s been a little quiet on the blog this last month. For the most part, that’s been because I was so busy with Hypertellurians—just look at that changelog! :)

Unfortunately, I also had a bit of an accident a week ago, which leaves me running at minimal capacity for a little while yet. I’m on the mend now, and I was keen to put a little post out at least, but it has pushed back my remaining planned interviews from the UK Games Expo somewhat.

I hope you enjoy those two of Thrad’s spells in the meantime.