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  1. Free RPG: System Crashers

    A group of women fight back against a fantasy medieval society that systemically wrongs them. You were murdered in a previous life. Until you reach your personal catharsis, you will not escape the circle of reincarnation...

  2. Seasonal Surprise: New Hypertellurians Powers and a new Character Sheet

    Before the turning of the year, I thought I'd talk about what's in store for Mottokrosh Machinations in the new year, and spice things up with a public playtest of new powers for Hypertellurians, as well as a brand new character sheet...

  3. Playtest Wrap

    Last night, my group and I finished our year-long (give or take) playtest of the Hypertellurians RPG. We started it when the rules were just a jumble of notes, went through three major revisions, and countless minor ones...

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