Before the turning of the year, I thought I'd talk about what's in store for Mottokrosh Machinations in the new year, and spice things up with a public playtest of new powers for Hypertellurians, as well as a brand new character sheet.

A new book

Our main ambition for next year is to release a book tentatively entitled the Hypertellurians Fantastology. This will be a meaty tome that collects—and updates—our current print-on-demand adventures and supplements, as well as containing a slew of brand-new adventures and powers. Here is what the contents look like so far:

  • A Bride for Dracula, remastered, new art
  • Brutal Imperilment in the Bag of Infinite Holding, remastered
  • Heart of the Atom Isa, remastered, additional art
  • Solemn Scriptures of the Battle Nuns of the Mercyful Sepulcher, remastered
  • Pilgrimage to Golana, a brand new campaign narrative, by Jason Durall
  • Who Will Save Anvil and Manvil?! SM Edition, a brand new adventure by Frank Reding
  • 40+ new powers, both archetype and cosm
  • New drives, each with its own starting equipment of course
  • 6 new pre-generated, unconventional characters, fully illustrated
  • A new one-page character sheet
  • A gorgeous wrap-around cover by Anna Katarina Molla

This will be a luxurious, premium hardcover, offset-print with plenty of trimmings; together with the Hypertellurians core book, it will provide gaming material for years. All remastered adventures will feature stats for Hypertellurians, and depending on how it goes we might yet squeeze more material in.

We don't have a release date for the book yet—while the new adventures and materials are largely playtested and written, they need to be edited and laid out, and the other adventures still need work too. Then the whole thing needs to be laid out. But we're very excited about this new book, and had a lot of fun playtesting its content.

Powers playtest

To tide you over until the release of the Fantastology (Phantastology?), we are offering the new powers up for public playtesting. Use them in your games, or skim them, and let us know how it went, or what you think!

Check out the new powers

The link above takes you to a Notion page with the powers. Note that they are utterly unedited, definitely still work-in-progress, and in parts unfinished. But there is also plenty to use right away, as we have done in recent playtests.


To give us comments, criticism, or suggestions on the new powers, please join our Discord and hop into the #powers channel!

New character sheet

One of my tiny, personal gripes with the current character sheet has been the small and oddly-shaped field for portraits. Since we have commissioned so much character art over the years (and continue to do so), I feel the space on the sheet has not been doing the art adequate justice. But rather than tweak the sheet to fix that, I've decided to overhaul it from scratch. Besides the now tarot-card shaped portrait space, the second focus has been on visually indicating the damage overflow, and how it relates to trauma. Let me know in the Discord if I succeeded!

Additionally, this sheet has just 1 page. The second page from the original sheet, while useful in longer campaigns, was rarely used in shorter and one-shot games, except to reference the wondrous actions, so I've put those on the new sheet as well.

Download the new Hypertellurians character sheet

Playtest the new powers

Leave feedback on our Discord server