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  1. Essen Spiel Recap

    At the time of writing, the Mottokrosh Machinations team has returned from Internationale Spieltage, or Essen Spiel, or Spiel, as it's more often known. Possibly the biggest boardgame convention in the world...

  2. Impressions from the Kickstarter Wrap-Up Event

    This weekend we had a little get-together in honor of the Capes and Cloaks and Cowls and a Park Kickstarter campaign having finished. The event was held at All the Problems in This World, an awesome RPG and comics store in Kreuzberg...

  3. The People Behind the Archetypes

    The first pieces of commissioned artwork for Hypertellurians—back in its infancy—were the twelve interpretations of the game's six archetypes: Alien, Beast, Construct, Revenant, Royal, and Ultranaut. Karen Reding was drafted in...

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