Hot on the heel of the previous Pirate Borg play report (and free one-shot adventure!) comes another round. We're only half-way through this adventure, so I won't be posting the full adventure just yet to avoid spoilers for my players. But while it's fresh in our minds, here is a recap of the first session of "Heist the Black Flag!", by none other than Christian Eichhorn himself:

A big old two-master backed by a very cloudy sky.

Four aspiring pirates, whose names I completely forgot[1], met with a grubby informant, whose name I likewise forgot, in a picturesque Caribbean town. As you might have guessed, I have forgotten the town's name as well[2]. In any case, the informant presented us with a quest that was easy to understand yet hard to pull off. Departing with our mighty armada (two worm-infested rowing boats), we were supposed to board an English treasure fleet to steal their booty, including a legendary undead cannon. The deck was stacked against us, but we knew how to even the odds: a forceful inheritance after an unfortunate death. Demanding a parlay with a local pirate captain, mayhap named the Lady of Bones (but the name eludes me[3]), we hoped to acquire a strong ship with a cutthroat crew. As the gods willed it, while utterly failing to convince her of our prowess and wit, the tavern's rotten roof simply collapsed. Grabbing the crushed captain's dress as disguise[4], we planned to bamboozle the crew and take the ship. As it turns out, the crew was skeletons all the way down, with the only living human on board being an imprisoned poet[5].

After a few comically poor attempts at subjugating the skeleton crew, which were ultimately successful, we set off to attack the English without a plan but much trust in our uncanny luck. So far, the gods were on our side, and surely they wouldn't dare betray us now. Alas, a small hiccup arrived in the form of the Bone Lady's mangled ghost, who decided to haunt us during the night. Suffice it to say, we were not on speaking terms. The surprise wore off fast, considering that she was neither the only ghost on board (being haunted by the nagging ghost of my dead mother myself) nor was she far from being the only undead among the crew (dozens of skeletons plus one vampire). The creature quickly re-deadened, we set our eyes on the prize: the abominable English and their treasure. To be continued...

Old, open notebook with soft leather cover. The first page shows a drawn pirate flag.
The source of truth for the adventure.

Frank // Mottokrosh again: The rest of the adventure has yet to play out. I'll do another post with the adventure outline later, for anyone who wants to run it, or a similar heist on the seas scenario.

  1. One-Eyed Ed, cultist, er, zealot of The Dark One; Chumbucket the Sorcerer, with Carl the three-legged dog; Flintlock Bill of the swashbuckling persuasion; and Genevieve "Liquid Lunch" Gurdy, a well dressed drunken lush afflicted with a spot of vampirism. ↩︎

  2. Tortuga! ↩︎

  3. Catherine "Bones" Bonnet, captain of the brigantine "Widow's Revenge". ↩︎

  4. To be fair, it was a very stand-out dress, made of the bones of the men she'd killed. ↩︎

  5. Self-proclaimed poet. A love-sick youth, whose girlfriend was co-kidnapped with her mother the governor for political reasons and is currently on the British flagship, being taken back to the old world. ↩︎