In a science fantasy adventure game like Hypertellurians there is an emphasis on wondrous discoveries and unexpected, epic actions and consequences. But that doesn't mean that every single opponent you have to overcome is crazier than the next. Sometimes, the Games Machinator just needs the stats for a farmer with a vibro-pitchfork, or a malignity of yak leather goblins.

While the core book correctly points out that "Detailed statistics for opponents is far less important in Hypertellurians than giving them memorable behaviors. Most of the time, level, and a descriptive sentence or two, is plenty to adequately run interactions with an NPC, or a fight with a monster," it's still work for the GM to make those up on the fly. So here are stats for uncommon versions of some common monster types.

All illustrations created by and copyright Henriette Boldt, and used under license. PDFs at the bottom.

Humans with weapons

A lot of the humans and humanoids get the full NPC statblock treatment (such as it is), but a few bullet points about how they kick butt is sometimes plenty. Use the statblock below for dangerous humanoids with dangerous implements and attitudes.

A goth princess.
Time to let the hair down.

Goth Princess

The prim, royal function is finally over and now it's time to let the hair down. White princess gown, torn to reveal a leg in torn fishnet stockings and knee-high high-heeled boots. Big hair, black make-up, and a spiky halberd on the side.

LVL 1; hp 3; Defense 13; Armor 0; Attack +1.

  • High heeled kick and pin (1d4; Brawn 9 check or deal damage to free)
  • Halberd ham carve (1d10, long)
  • Eye lash flutter (decent chance of convincing others of your innocence, even next to fresh murder)

Small but vicious critters

Goblins, kobolds, deranged anthropomorphic badgers—you know the type.

A dangerous gnome.
I've a gift for you that's the hammer.

Redcap Wrecker

Vicious gnome-like creature with a wild white hoarding beard, a blood-soaked wooly hat, and big, metal boots that look far more dangerous that the hammer it wields.

LVL 2; hp 6; Defense 10; Armor 1; Attack +2.

  • Boot stomp (1d6, blunt, backswing)
  • Terrifying, evil shenanigans, like pulling soaked hat over target's head
  • Surprise possession of dangerous, experimental item

The walking dead

Use for any low-level, physical undead. Weak, but aggressive, and often relentless.

Skeleton in a jumper.
Not meaning to knit pick but...

Stop-motion Skeleton

The classic re-animated skeleton. In a roll-neck cozy jumper dress, wielding big knitting needles.

LVL 1; hp 3; Defense 11; Armor 0; Attack +4.

  • Stabbedy stab stab (1d6, armor-piercing)
  • Back from the dead, again (50% to return with 1 hp when downed)
  • Lurch to unlife in surprise attack from apparently just being a corpse (3d6)

Big beasties

In Hypertellurians a creature's danger should be obviously telegraphed to the players. A small thing should probably be frail, while a big thing should be tough. Here's a statblock that should work for most such big beasts.

Bear with tentacles instead of tongue.
Tongues. Too many tongues.

Moon Bear

Almost like a normal bear, but with vague spiral-like patterns in its fur. And from its open mouth emerges a cluster of probing tentacles instead of a tongue. So only a bit like a normal bear.

LVL 5; hp 20; Defense 9; Armor 2 (attached); Attack +5.

  • Claw, claw, bite (1d10, brutal, spread)
  • Immobilize, for reasons (Mind 11, free action)
  • Light up spirals in multi-hued lights and bend or push nearby flora


At this level most creatures should probably be unique, but you can nevertheless reskin this block to other danger automatons.

Anubis automaton.
I fly like a shark on fire.

Unstoppable Anubis Automaton

Semi-futuristic jackal-headed black armor assassin bot, with a wicked glaive.

LVL 8; hp 24; Defense 12; Armor 2 (attached, magic, reflecting); Attack +8.

  • Unstoppable machine of war, no distractions, no feelings
  • Phase through walls
  • Soar through space and time like a fire bullet (effective, not graceful)
  • Produce glaive from armor reconfiguration and proceed to sow suffering through slicing or shooting (1d12, backswing, forceful, long, magic)

That's it for this post; we hope these statblocks will make the life of the GM even easier. In Hypertellurians it's all about the strange, the wondrous, and the fun. And you don't want to interrupt that with looking up rules or calculating bonuses.