Mottokrosh Machinations has two upcoming books, both to be launched at Dragonmeet, where we will be with a stall and a small crew, including artist Anna Molla, editor David Fuller, and GM Kara Payne.

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Solemn Scriptures of the Battle Nuns of the Mercyful Sepulcher

Cover of the Battle Nuns book.

This is our big new book, clocking in at 72 pages, many strange words, and loads of illustrations.

First and foremost this is a system neutral book about spells and rituals, but with stats for both Hypertellurians and D&D (should work in most editions, but especially 5e). But these aren't any old spells.

No, this book presents and discusses ten occult or divine (or both, it's a sliding and meandering scale verily) tomes. Each tome contains enlightening, scary, vile, secret, benevolent, heretical, pious, or powerful material, including one or more spells or rituals.

These books often have extracts to read to your players, and rumors about the books themselves, how to use or abuse them, and what secrets they may contain. Use this to foreshadow their entrance, or to make them the very object of quests.

The spells themselves are not your average paragraph of text telling you how much damage to roll and what color the damage is. Instead, we're talking powerful incantations with often elaborate requirements, and uncertain results. Many of the spells span multiple pages, with large tables. Like the spell And lo, the angels were among us, from the Metarrhythmisis beatae scrolls, which summons angels/demons into willing hosts and imparts powers and mutations onto them, with possible side effects.

Feast your eyes upon these preview pages.

But as you can see from those spreads, the book is not just about tomes. It also details the Order of the Mercyful Sepulcher, and importantly, how to create your own. It explains that what mortals have classified as angels and devils is just their minds' inability to comprehend the real—considerably more muddled—truth behind those enigmatic entities beyond our comprehension.

Oh, and it includes a bunch of tools of the battle nun trade, like hallowed hand grenades, bad habits, and the Tactical Ordnance Mobile Battle Shrine (T.O.M.B.S.) and how to customize it with your very own mechanical choir or metal gargoyle projectile launcher. Rounding off the book is a small selection of illustrated character concepts, ready to dive into an Order of the Mercyful Sepulcher party.

Heart of the Atom Isa

Yes, this is the adventure we published online here a little while back, but we spruced it up, polished it, included the full market stands and inventory, and had the whole thing illustrated by Berlin artist extraordinaire Anna Roschker.

Collage of Heart of the Atom Isa illustrations.

Heart of the Atom Isa is a system neutral adventure that can be played in 1 or 2 sessions. Its resources and characters however can easily be integrated into ongoing campaigns.

The party is stranded on the wastes of the planet Sonnos, the part of their silver rocket that enables transcosmic travel, stolen. Having identified the thief as arch-villainess Argencia, the Silver Sorceress with the power to Crush Men, they track her down, chase her through space, and possibly confront her in her lair, on the ice moon of Kalt.

All while dodging tremendostaceans, humanohulks, moon bears, and ice blue goblins with daedalic wings and questionable, experimental bombs. Among other things.

Take a peek.

Dragonmeet 2019

For those unfamiliar with this steadily rising con, it takes place yearly in London, runs for one day, and crams as many publishers, designers, artists, traders, and fans into one convention hotel as it can, and is organized by prolific publisher Modiphius.

The Mottokrosh Machination crew will be there with a stall selling the two new books previewed above, as well as our flagship RPG Hypertellurians, and our other two adventure modules.

The Con Crew.
L-R, editor David, artist Anna, GM Kara.

As well as flogging books and exchanging creepy spell ideas with innocent bystanders, we'll be running short 30–45 minutes demo games of Hypertellurians, with material from our new books. We're running these every hour on the hour, so just drop by and rest your feet for a while, and get a taste of this weird and whacky game.

Naturally we'll be doing some great deals on book bundles, and we definitely encourage you to flip through the books on display and smell them, if that's your thing.

We look forward to seeing you there! Oh, and we haven't got plans for the evening yet, so come suggest a game or two. We're also around still on Sunday afternoon for a while.

Flyer for Dragonmeet 2019.

And while you're in the trade halls, don't forget to drop by our fellow Berliners from Necrotic Gnome, and all the other great publishers!