Hoozier Babgottle is a traveling goblin of advanced taste and decorum. With his everchanging assortment of oddities and trinkets, he travels the world, come snow or storm, in his tiny hot air balloon, made from a sewn-up hog skin and copper bathtub.

He's back in your neck of the woods with his current seasonal inventory. Marvel at his mulled whine and knitted jumpers!

Artist impression of the goblin merchant
Goblin by ScandinavianLullaby


  • Spirit of Giving. A fortified beverage that puts all imbibers in an extraordinary generous mood. 15 gp per bottle.
  • Ghosts of Highwinter Past. A greenish liquor with a herbal nose, said to shift the mind of the drinker out of phase with the natural world, allowing him or her to see beyond, and be seen from the beyond. 50 gp per dose. 3 available.
  • Pine Juice. Guaranteed to evoke longing and melancholia. 5 gp per bottle.
  • Mulled Whine. As far as tongue-loosening alcoholic drinks go, this one is rather considered. It gets old after a while though. 2 gp per bottle.


  • Coal Cake Castles. Made primarily from black sugar, and intricately carved to resemble famous castles, including the First Philléain Palace, and the Sceptered Seat of Talassin. Highly flammable both on the way in and on the way out. 7 gp a piece.
  • Hunter's Charms. A strong, breaded cheese that leaves a distinctive and acquired odor when crushed or eaten. It seems to attract animals, but not much else. 4 gp a piece.
  • Make-a-Cake. All the ingredients to quickly assemble a delicious treat guaranteed to stun and impress. Not necessarily in that order. 5 gp per set.
  • Bag of Colored Beans. Priceless, traded for a number of favors equal to the number of magical beans. Only red and green ones left.
  • Extreme Shortcake. A little on the dry side, frankly. Perhaps more importantly though, it temporarily shrinks the consumer. Like, way too far. 200 gp.

Power Words

Hoozier won't sell these. Instead they'll have to be traded for a word of equal import from the character. Should the player ever utter the traded word at the gaming table, his character's use of the bought power word vanishes immediately.

  • Cheer. Everyone should make merry in the holiday seasons.
  • Snow. Instant white gratification.
  • Gobble. Probably like eating, but faster and messier.
  • Cane. Sugar, candy, Krampus? You decide!
  • Stable. Is the stable stable?
  • Trust. The greatest gift of all. Only traded for other powerful words.


  • Percodon’s Compiled Lectures on Thermic Reactions. Contains the formulae for fiery brandy cake, alchemist’s frost and frosting, and mistletoe tindertwigs. 2,000 gp.
  • Petrach's Thaumaturgical Plethorium's Winter Catalogue. The fabled artifact collector Petrach disappeared a long time ago under mysterious circumstances of course, along with his awe-inspiring collection of magical curio. This volume details some of his more festive items, with their origins and detailed inner workings. A skilled artificer might be able to recreate some from these notes. It also has some nice illustrations. 1,000 gp.
  • My Life as a Little Helper. Who could have guessed that when little Maddy ran away from home, she'd don the elves' habit and apply at the grotto? Well, Maddy's not so little anymore, and these memoirs of hers are really rather revealing of a culture of exploitation and even torture, in the name of winter cheer. 50 gp.

Elegant Attire

  • Queen of Abhilasha. A slinky, golden dress with a long trail, as seen worn by the founder of Talassin in ancient depictions of her. A daring outfit, sure to draw attention, and to hold it. Will win "best outfit" at any festive gathering. 1200 gp, unique.
  • Traditional Talassin Jutti. Colorful leather slippers with the toes (male) or the heel (female) curled up. Fashionable. 10 - 25 gp per pair.
  • Knitted Highwinter Jumper. Warm and woolly, with "classic" winter patterns. Perfect for the festive season, for some measure of perfect. 5 gp per jumper.


  • Highwinter Sack. A large, sturdy sack that fits more it seems, is easy to carry, and often overlooked. A favorite with parents to hide gifts in---for some reason the kids never think to look in them. Only authentic when made from Talassian hemp. 150 gp per sack.
  • Festive Ribbon. Decorative, yet strong, with an uncanny ability to ensnare the object of your desires. The crimson color comes from the blood of Erinyes, or so they say. 500 gp per 10 yard spool.
  • Party Poppers. Pretty but dangerous (as color spray). 50 gp or 150 gp (large, 2nd level caster). 3 regular, 2 large available.
  • Armless crackers. At first thought to have been a typographical mistake, but later confirmed to be a literal mistake. They make a bang though. 10 gp.
  • Mistletoe Bow. Never seems to run out of ammunition, but only works in the festive season. Fires 2 mistletoe arrows at once, on 2 targets that are close together, who must then kiss. 1,075 gp.