The time has come, and my “swords and sandals” meets “raypunk” RPG is live. Read about its inception, or jump right in.

It comes in 3 parts: the core rules is the big daddy and contains the rules and more powers than you can shake a stick at; the GM’s 101 is a short piece on how to make the most out of running Hypertellurians, and finally the changelog details, well, changes to the document. Since Hypertellurians is by virtue of its nature as a website a living, evolving game, this will make it easy to see what’s new at any given point.

What’s Next?

  • Even more powers. You can’t have too many of these, and I’ve got a bunch in the pipeline.
  • More art. At least two more main archetype pieces are in the works, and I’ve got a bunch of other art that needs slotting into the document.
  • More graphic design. It’s a bit rough around the edges at the moment, but it will be made prettier and more organised as time goes by.
  • Nicer character sheet. After I’m fairly certain that the game is stable, I will make a much nicer character sheet.
  • Pre-gens. So you can hit the ground running, as well as get an idea for the different wild character concepts you can realize with the system.
  • Print to PDF. I know many of you like having RPG books as PDFs, so I will continue to improve the website’s print styles, so that the core rules will neatly transform into a well laid out document when you print it (to PDF or paper.)
  • More game material via the blog. It’s been a little thin on the blog lately, but that’s because it’s been all hands on the game. Now that it’s out, we can return to more blog posts, Hypertellurians related or otherwise.
Hilly landscape with castle
‘Castle’ by Enmanuel Lema Martinez


I want it. Tell me what works and what doesn’t. Tell me crazy stories. Leave a comment at the bottom here or in the rules, or hit me up via any of the channels in the footer.