My wife Karen loves painting, so I don't feel so bad when I occasionally ask her to do a painting for me. She works with traditional media, which I can only assume has nothing to do with with me being too cheap to buy a modern tablet and stylus.

Here is a selection of paintings she's done for me over the years.

The painting of the satyr and the dryad was originally conceived for a Pathfinder adventure I wrote with a friend of mine, but ultimately never got released, so I repurposed the image for the Sidhe Woods Grove proof of concept app I made. The handsome satyr's called Bucklebunt, and his pose involved some interesting balancing on my part for reference.

The sultry lady in red was painted as cover and easter egg for the Spire companion app, after a picture of model Dayana Crunk. I added in the textures and background. The original currently hangs on the wall in our lounge.

I love Karen's take on the happy sailoress straddling that mast. This is a slight re-interpretation of Gil Elvgren's original, for a cabaret night promotion.

Finally, the stone thief painting is also a cover for an unreleased game I was working on. Sadly it didn't pan out quite as I'd hoped, so I trashed the game, but I'll use the picture for something else instead in future.

For more of Karen't art check out her DeviantArt portfolio. She's up for commissions!