We live in Berlin these days, but my wife and I returned to our previous haunts in Norwich, England, recently to visit friends and family, and to sort through some left-over stuff of ours that we had abandoned in our hasty exodus last year.

It's a bit like a lootbox of travelling down memory lane. In this case we found a bushel of "etchings." You see, many years ago, at one of the regular LARPs we used to attend, we went around and peddled smut: "quality" etchings of drow matriarchs in compromising and humiliating situations.

Of course this was a family friendly LARP, so when word of our dodgy and illicit dealings reached the referees, they pulled us aside immediately to check out our dirty drawings. Needless to say, they burst out laughing when they saw them and sent us on our merry ways.

We branched out eventually from drow matriarchs (the most dangerous PCs in the LARP) in bondage, to lovely bearded women dwarves, hunks of scribbled humans, and more.

Here's what I found left in an old LARP costume container. And if you think they're quite poor, you'd be right, because all of the good stuff sold then and there!

PS. The LARP was called the Heartland Games---a sort of medieval olympics, and my group won 3rd place that year. They gave me a lovely certificate, despite spelling my character's name wrong.

PPS. Yes, that's a tattoo of a Pathfinder goblin on my arm. I called him Swagger the Dragon. He's proudly wearing the skin of a kobold he's defeated as a suit. A mate of ours randomly declared in a pub some time ago that we (meaning our roleplaying group) should all get goblin tattoos. We all thought that was a splendid idea.

In the morning 3 of us still thought it was a splendid idea, and so we went ahead. We had all played Pathfinder for many years, and even though we don't really use that ruleset anymore these days, we still very much love the world and the design the people at Paizo have created. Both Pathfinder and roleplaying in general has been a huge influence on our lives, so marking it with the iconic goblins of Golarion seemed apt. I will get some photos of all of our gobin tattoos for a future post.