Wonder awaits, in the first ever Hypertellurians zine. Crammed full of eminently gameable material, from delightful and dazzling RPG artists and luminaries.

About the Zine

The cover and a spread of the zine. It's looking sublime.

A zine for Hypertellurians and other (science) fantasy games.

  • 56 illustrated pages of adventures, rules, locations, items, fiction, and more.
  • Softcover, stitch-bound, Munken paper.
  • 4 brand new adventures.
  • 2 full adventure locations, with factions, characters, plots, and hooks.
  • Art by Amanda Lee Franck, Artificial Jealousy, Broci, Isabella Spitznagel, and Wind Lothamer.
  • Words by Ahimsa Kerp, Alan Bahr, Coyote Crow, Frank Reding, Jack Weighill, Jason Durall, Philip Glass, and Wind Lothamer.
Mockup of many open spreads from the zine. Still looking awesome.
Table of contents and credits page.

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