Screenshot of Symbook app

When I discovered the Swedish RPG Symbaroum, I was immediately smitten. The art, the tone, the setting—it all grabbed me immediately, and to large extent was everything I wanted to do with a game of my own; only it did it better. So my regular group and I got stuck in and played it extensively.

Immediately I saw the need for an easy and quick way to look up powers during the game, moreso even as the GM, juggling several NPCs or monsters at the same time. I grabbed all of the powers and massaged them into a JSON file, and lovingly wrapped that in a lightweight VueJS app, which essentially let you search through them and display them in a card-like fashion.

Because of the way it was built (i.e. in JavaScript), it was real easy to wrap with Cordova, and release it as native apps for iOS and Android. Well, easy, yes, but let us not forget the administration effort for the various app stores and the gathering of all the screenshots.

I even sprang for a hip .io domain.

Feast your eyes on Symbook


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