A lot of my game writing features random tables, and tables are a staple of many OSR products too. As part of my efforts to create a better medium for roleplaying resources, I’m writing several components to help elevate content on the web. It’s easy enough to sling a PDF’s content online, but most of the time we forget that the web can offer us additional functionality, which is outside the purview of the printed page or even PDFs.

Here is just the first one. Make your tables do the work for you with a satisfying animation. The following is a screenshot of the component as it was at the time of writing, and below that is the live example. Chances are I will continue to tinker with it.

Screenshot of RandomTable component

And here is the live component, presented in an embedded iFrame from CodeSandbox (which is awesome) - feel free to fork and play.

Once I’ve got several of these, I may bundle them up and release them as plugins.