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Cover for A Bride for Dracula.
A very silly Gothic horror adventure
Cover for Brutal Imperilment In The Bag Of Infinite Holding.
Brutal Imperilment in the Bag of Infinite Holding
Hypertellurians placeholder cover.
Hypertellurians Online
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Hypertellurians Print & PDF

Ten Unusual Adventure Ideas

Miscellaneous fantasy scene I love reading through random tables for inspiration, as well as having tables to hand when I GM. As long as the content is properly interesting and relevant, and goes beyond 1d6 rats (look, why aren’t they 1d6 rats that escaped from a mad professor’s lab and have all sorts of needles, gears and cogs stuck in them, plus their brains are exposed under tiny glass bowls?

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Vue Component for Random Tables

A lot of my game writing features random tables, and tables are a staple of many OSR products too. As part of my efforts to create a better medium for roleplaying resources, I’m writing several components to help elevate content on the web. It’s easy enough to sling a PDF’s content online, but most of the time we forget that the web can offer us additional functionality, which is outside the purview of the printed page or even PDFs.

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About Me

Hi, I’m Mottokrosh Or, more officially, Frank Reding. I made that nickname up on the spot for a video game many, many years ago, and it stuck. Whenever I need to provide a username to register for an account, I use “Mottokrosh” - it’s always available, unless I already signed up before, and forgot about it. By day, I’m a frontend developer, by night, I play, write, design, or code apps for RPGs.

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