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Cover for Hypertellurians (M)Anvil Edition.
Hypertellurians (M)Anvil Edition
Cover for Bewilderment and Panic in the Land of Faulty Tors.
Bewilderment and Panic in the Land of Faulty Tors
Cover for Heart of the Atom Isa.
Heart of the Atom Isa
Cover for Solemn Scriptures of the Battle Nuns of the Mercyful Sepulcher.
Solemn Scriptures of the Battle Nuns of the Mercyful Sepulcher

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Witches in a Well

Just in time for Halloween, I present a spruced up version of my entry to the 200 word RPG challenge. Here is a rhyming game especially suited to parties. Grab a pen and some paper, get into character as a witch stuck in a well, and get ready to hurtle through the Ultracosm, and to create spells to escape your predicament. Works best with 3 to 4 players. Illustration by Karen Reding.

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Dark Ocultist's Gambit

The other week I cobbled together a quick one-shot scenario to demo Hypertellurians to a few friends in a gaming pub. Parts of it were nabbed from another, longer adventure I’m working on, and have been playtesting a bit, and the other part is very Takeshi’s Castle. You might have seen it floating around on Twitter or Instagram already, but here it is again in full, as well as in a PDF edition.

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Heart of the Atom Isa

A one-shot adventure on—and around—a desert planet, for use with Hypertellurians, or any modern or old-school fantasy game. Featuring Argencia, the Silver Sorceress, moon goblins with daedalic wings and questionable bombs, habitable tremendostaceans, and a space market like no other. The adventure is in three parts, and it’ll be up to the Games Machinator to move the players from one part to the next. The text indicates options on how to naturally and frictionlessly accomplish this.

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Victorious UK Games Expo Machinations

Last week a team of four went to the annual UK Games Expo in Birmingham to represent Mottokrosh Machinations, and present the barely week old Hypertellurians hardcover to the world. The crew consisted of cover artist Anna, playtesters Dave and Kara, and myself. Over 3 days we told intrigued or downright enthusiastic attendees about Hypertellurians, and the 2 adventures Mottokrosh Machinations has published so far. The reaction has been beyond my wildest dreams.

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Hypertellurians Preview and UK Games Expo

If you’re reading this, you’ve likely heard about Mottokrosh Machinations’s roleplaying game Hypertellurians. You might even have read or played it—after all it’s online in its full form right on this site. But very soon, it will also be available in PDF and hardcover form, on DriveThruRPG, and in person at UK Games Expo 2019. So what’s new or different in that version, compared to the online HTML version?

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Forty Real Medieval Professions

Are you a GM looking for some bizarre sounding—but totally real—medieval professions? Maybe you’re a player looking for an interesting background or story for your character? Fear not, I’ve got you. I present for your delectation, a plethora of obscure and odd jobs of old. # Profession 1 Ackerman 2 Hayward 3 Ostler 4 Woolcomber 5 Climmer 6 Fewterer 7 Parker 8 Sperviter 9 Oyster raker 10 Furrier 11 Bottelier 12 Currier 13 Malemaker 14 Vaginarius 15 Goldbeater 16 Arkwright 17 Besom maker 18 Diamantaire 19 Horner 20 Rectifier 21 Tapicer 22 Tasseler 23 Boothaler 24 Bawd 25 Stewsman 26 Nakerer 27 Catchpole 28 Pissprophet 29 Acater 30 Colporteur 31 Eggler 32 Hetheleder 33 Weirkeeper 34 Unguentary 35 Ostiary 36 Bagger 37 Coistsell 38 Legerdemainist 39 Sin-eater 40 Userer .

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Playtest Wrap

Last night, my group and I finished our year-long (give or take) playtest of the Hypertellurians RPG. We started it when the rules were just a jumble of notes, went through three major revisions, and countless minor ones, and finished with what we now consider “v1.0”. While this main playtest went on, I ran a bunch of one-shots with different people, and with different experience levels when it comes to roleplaying games.

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Bags of Fun: New Adventure Preview

Mottokrosh Machinations will soon release its second adventure module, designed for Hypertellurians as well as any old or modern fantasy adventure game. It’s an exploration heavy scenario, with many wild and wonderful locations. Whence the idea? In Hypertellurians a character has a number of inventory slots equal to their Brawn score. They may use a bag, which takes up 2 of these slots, but has 5 slots’ worth of space—however, retrieving an item from the bag takes an action, whereas from your standard, “at the ready” inventory slots, it does not.

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Games I Am Looking At Currently

As the new year starts trotting along, I thought it would be interesting to have a quick look at the games that are currently on my radar for one reason or another. Getting my Kult on. Game Day We had a New Year’s Eve gaming party at our house, and managed to cram a little over 20 people into our Berlin flat. With the main table, sofa area, and spare room, we generally had 3 games on the go at once.

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d100 Interesting Outdoor Encounter Features

With the demise of Google+, hitherto harboring a great RPG community, many groups are trying to find a new home on the great old internet. A fair few are flocking to MeWe (you can find me there too), still others are clinging on to Google+ until its last breath. But gaming chat service Discord has also seen a huge uptake. One such new server is for DIY RPG Productions, which includes a channel entitled #gygaxian-democracy-d100s.

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