Where to find me

  • Twitter—I tweet about RPGs mainly, occasionally about web development
  • DrivethruRPG—All finished machinations are available here
  • Neontribe Blog—My most famous development post, at my previous employer
  • Cities of Golarion—I made the map sketch for Whitethrone
  • My Apps—A slowly growing collection of released or proof-of-concept apps
  • Here!

Blogs I like

If I’m missing an awesome resource here it’s likely because I’ve not discovered it yet, so please feel free to suggest it!

On my “to read” list

There sure are a lot of RPG blogs on Blogspot.

My favourite RPG podcasts

Ditto. I’m always interested in great podcasts.

  • Fear of a Black Dragon—Jason and Tom from the Gauntley talk about their favourite OSR modules and books; I’ve discovered many gems through this podcast
  • Ken and Robin talk about Stuff—Industry veterans Kenneth Hite and Robin D Laws share their vast experience, knowledge, and humour
  • Mud & Blood—Matt and Liam discuss RPGs in a podcast dark and grim
  • Hearty Dice Friends—Grant Howitt and Chris Taylor of Rowan, Rook and Decard talk about… stuff
  • The Gauntlet Podcast—A rota of the very welcoming and hardworking Gauntlet RPG community members talk about gaming
  • Modifier—Meghan talks with designers of all stripes
  • Backstory—Another one from One Shot Podcast; Alex interviews game designers to get the behind-the-scenes story

RPG communities

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